Loaded Brush Luminaries

Our Loaded Brush Luminaries event was held on March 10th at the Rockford Woman’s Club and it was fabulous.  The food provided by The Wild Rhubarb was outstanding.  The staff of Studio 317 Studio and Gallery created beautiful pictures showcasing some of the gems in our neighborhood.  The luminaries “outdid and outbid” themselves as they painted, laughed, and entertained all in attendance.  Our goal was to raise $5,000 to use for home rehabilitation efforts in our neighborhood, primarily through our partnership with Rockford Work Camps.  We exceeded that goal and are excited for this warmer weather so we can start to see those dollars at work in the neighborhood.  Thanks again to all who attended and we hope to see you next year!

Great American Clean-Up on April 30.

Please plan to join Jeremiah Development, the Coronado-Haskell Neighborhood Association, and your neighbors from 9-12 on Saturday, April 30.  We will plan to meet in the parking lot at Stepping Stones to pick up tools and determine what area of the neighborhood each group will clean.  Many hands will make light work and will make our neighborhood shine.  Hope to see you there!