Summer is Here!

Jeremiah Garden

June 2018 

Volunteers – 24

Volunteer Hours – 52.25 


Due to the extremes of heat, the goal of regular gardening times has been difficult to achieve.  It was unseasonably hot the day that we planted most of the beds.  Subsequent Saturdays were also hot or too rainy, but we’ve managed to fit our work into early, brief work sessions and it’s going quite well.  Some of us have gone down weekdays to catch up on weeding or to add a few plants.  

The watering system was cleaned and repaired but hasn’t been needed with all the rain we have had.

The big middle flower bed has been rototilled, but we couldn’t get in there to plant due to the excessive rain.  Discussions are underway about what pollinators and perennials could be planted there.  Planting a tree is seeming less attractive to us because it would not only shade that bed but the other raised beds. Hmmm. 

Two beds are dormant.  One needs soil added and the other needs to be left fallow this year to clear it out.  It is weeded and mulched and serving as a compost heap to some extent right now. 


 -More weeders  – If lots of us came in at once, we could clean up the tomato beds quickly.  Several other beds are clean right now, but weeding is perpetual. We are at the garden every Saturday from 9 am – noon.

-Someone to spread mulch. 

-More mulch between the beds.  The heavy rains played havoc with the mulch that keeps the paths clear.

The grant from the city has been wonderful.  We have not overspent, but have had what we needed.  Thanks to Myrna Pullin we have spent almost nothing on seeds or plants. 

We have had some neighborhood folks stop to chat or pick.  Cabbage and greens are popular.  Everyone is waiting for tomatoes, of course. Raspberries have been picked as has lettuce.  

Volunteers enjoyed having cold water and Gatorade available and the bananas helped keep us going.  

Watch for our new sign, bag station and recipe stand!


22 vegetable beds flourishing and growing the following

Three kinds of lettuce

Collards (ready) 

Zucchini (yellow & green) 


Cabbage (green & red) (ready)


Tomatoes (cherry and regular size) 

Snap Peas (almost done)  

Swiss Chard (just planted) 

Green Stringless Pole Beans (planted next to the fencing so they can be tied up) 

Green Beans (bush, blue lake) 

Kale (ready)


Other beds growing

Raspberries (ripening now) 

Jerusalem artichokes

Rhubarb -much picked, more available