Our Organization

Jeremiah Development is a secular, non-profit, 501(c)3 organization that  harnesses the positive energy of our volunteers and the people we serve to bring about meaningful, sustainable improvement in the Coronado-Haskell neighborhood.

Initially focused on property and fighting blight, Jeremiah Development has made some changes in the way it goes about working for the well-being of the community. After much discussion with the residents in the CHN, it became clear the most important thing was a sense of community and trust. From a foundation of building community, Jeremiah Development has turned from developing properties to developing people. 

Real progress started with the delivery of our newsletter, door-to-door and in person. Initial skepticism on the part of the residents turned into trust with turned into informal front-porch discussions. Jeremiah Development was able to learn about the needs of the residents of the neighborhood and help to fulfill those needs. 

With the help of the City of Rockford, some properties have been razed and others have been improved. Specially trained members of the Rockford Police Department, community service officers, help by educating the residents on personal safety and property improvements that deter crime. 

Since the first initial push with the newsletter, the organization has initiated many other projects along the way. Among the neighborhood residents, engaged leaders emerged. Over time we invited several neighborhood residents to fill seats on our board of directors, to the point that about half of our board members either live or work in the neighborhood.  

Through the generosity of committed donors, grant funding, and countless hours donated by a multitude of volunteers,  Jeremiah Development continues its work, making a difference the neighborhood, one household at a time.