Our Outreach

Founded to concentrate on improving the Coronado-Haskell neighborhood, Jeremiah Development has turned from developing properties to developing people. While the organization’s day-to-day focus is on the neighborhood and its residents, it also organizes annual events that benefit any and all struggling residents in the greater Rockford area.  

  • Communication. Our newsletter reaches the 1,000 or so households in the neighborhood every month. Door-to-door delivery leads to face-to-face conversations, providing two-way communication. 
  • Neighborhood Improvement. Jeremiah Development relies on interactions with neighborhood residents to craft concepts that turn into plans and then projects.
  • Movie in the Park nights brings residents together for fellowship and entertainment and provides a way to take back our green spaces.
  • Community Garden. Downtown Rockford has a shortage of convenient grocery stores, so Jeremiah Development planned and developed an extensive vegetable garden consisting of dozens of raised-bed units. Located on the property of SecondFirst Church at the intersection of Park Street and Court Street, and tended by our volunteers, it provides fresh vegetables at no charge to any and all who live in, work in, or wander through the area. 
  • Our LOVE Rockford event links hundreds of Rockford-area to an extensive number of social service and healthcare providers. The event seeks to help alleviate or remedy chronic and acute problems—homelessness, domestic violence, physical and mental health concerns, addictions, and hunger. It also provides a number of services onsite for the benefit of the attendees, including assistance in job searches and home ownership. 
  • Jeremiah CARES is a smaller, more focused event patterned after LOVE Rockford.