Neighborhood Events

Neighborhood Events
As neighbors' in the Coronado Haskell Neighborhood approach Jeremiah Development with specific needs, Jeremiah seeks to assist them with solutions they have proposed. Some of these concerns have evolved into programming, like our Community Computer Center. Created in response to a need to access the internet, without the requirement for a difficult to obtain ID. Our newsletter was born out of a need to have a conversation with the neighbors' on a regular basis. These conversations have resulted in one-time projects, like our Light the Night project, in which we installed 250 exterior, solar and motion detector lights on neighbors' homes, and motion detector lights on neighbor’s homes to help deter crime and give a sense of security. From our quarterly Neighbor Safety Nights, through our Movies in the Park, everything we do is designed to create places for community to build and conversations to bloom.

Our Current Neighborhood Programming:
  • Movies in the Park
  • Game Days
  • Take-A-Book Library
  • Community Computer Center
  • Neighborhood Safety Nights
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Neighborhood Leaders Meetings
  • Knitting Classes
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Come watch some classic older movies with us! Join us from 1pm to 3pm on the 3rd Monday of the month!
Every wednesday we have knitting classes available. Watch our Facebook Page for cancelations.
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